About Us

Stagedoor is a dynamic publishing company founded in 1977.  We strive to publish books that we believe our readers will find informative and enjoyable.  We have also recently launched our online Stagedoor Gallery which showcases the work of exciting artists.

Please browse our site to see some of the books we have published.  They are available online from Amazon, WH Smith, Waterstones, Tesco Books etc.  They can also be ordered from any good high street book retailer.

>> Please note, one of our leading writers Terry Cunningham writes exclusively for Stagedoor Publishing, and has no connection whatever with an American writer of the same name. This has caused some confusion with online bookstores where both writers’ books are listed under the same heading.  All books by our Terry Cunningham that are in print are listed on this site, books that are not published by Stagedoor are not by the same writer. When buying on line or from a bookshop please double check. Thank you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any suggestions or queries.