14-18 The Final Word

14-18 The Final Word1418cover

The only true factual account of the 1914-18 war.

During the past year the UK media have begun a deliberate policy of dumbing down and rewriting the history of W.W.1. They tell us that most of the troops enjoyed it (Oh really?) and, after all, the French and Germans lost more men than Britain. This is true, but we still lost a million! Isn’t that enough? Stagedoor are proud to publish this book, the only true account of that horrendous war as told by those who were there. You can’t get more truthful and factual than that.

No more brain washing or the downright lies that we have been told for the last 85 years. This is the ultimate truth as told by the men who were there in the trenches. The first edition was banned from many libraries and schools in the UK because it reveals how the evil establishment and army high command murdered an entire British generation for its own ends. No military historian could write this because they were not there and it would end their careers if they did. Soon these old men will all be gone and this book will remain their final truth. The author met them face to face and promised their stories would not be censored in any way. As you’ll see he kept that promise. This is 14-18 as you have never been allowed to read it before.

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When you buy this book make sure it is the latest revised and enlarged  2nd edition. Clearly marked on the front cover.

Published 2003
Over 40 photos and illustration.
Softcover; 181 pages.

ISBN 0 9521620 4 0