I Am London’s Most Successful Crook

I Am London’s Most Successful Crook:
My amazing true story. I stole £10 million and never got caught.

This is the most astonishing and unique crime story you will ever read. This isn’t fantasy, fiction or vague half truths that you get in most ‘so called’ crime books. This is an entirely one hundred percent TRUE story. James Vine has lived in Soho, London’s most outrageous notorious district, since the 1950s.

Over the next four decades he carried out a string of huge robberies that among other targets included the Government, the Army, and high class exclusive Mayfair shops. He then got involved in the Soho sex industry. He started out in extreme poverty and is now a multi millionaire. He explains in minute detail how each crime was carried out. Nothing has been left out; all names, dates, times and places are exactly as they happened. To back this up the book includes over 25 real life, never seen before, personal photos. Incredibly James has never been charged with any crime, that’s why he claims to be London’s most successful criminal. Now, at the end of his long life, in what for him could be a dangerous move, he reveals why he has decided to tell it all in detail, the way it was.

On another level the book also gives us a fascinating look at how London life has changed over the years and an insight into the strange, wild characters who once lived in Soho. A very different and astounding story written in an easy reading style.
£8.95 / US$12.95

Kindle Version £3.30 / $4.99

Published 2015

ISBN 0952162016