Bram Stoker’s Irving

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Foreword by Sir John Gielgud

The detailed facts revealed by the author are quite extraordinary… Henry Irving, Ellen Terry, The Lyceum and all the great artists of that time live again in an original, strange and violent way… a marvellous blend of today’s hard realistic world and the artistic Victorian age.
-Sir John Gielgud

Bizarre, visionary and an excellent book.
-The Daily Mail

A strange and imaginative book.
-Richard Briers (film and TV actor)


The tragic events foretold in this book are beyond belief. The story is set in the 1880’s from where Bram warns there will be a terrorist attack on London in 2007. The M25 will become a ring of steel lined with troops. A black death is let loose on the people. Suicide pills given out to the masses. People marked with a number (I.D Cards). Public executions, enforced euthanasia at 50. Food and water shortages (See pages 115 to 120) and on pages 116 to 118 there is a gun fight on an underground train at the same stations where police recently shot a man. How could a book written in 2002 tell of these terrifying events, many of which have already come true, with such accuracy.

The story of a modern couple, living in today’s violent yob culture London. With Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula, as their guide they transcend time to meet the greatest actor and actress of them all, Henry Irving and Ellen Terry and see once more the glory days of the Lyceum Theatre, when London was the most elegant city on Earth. The tragedy is they take today’s world with them: muggers, carjackers, junkies, guns, mobiles, laptops, not to mention powerful cars, all of which take on a weird Victorian slant. One of the two decides to stay in the past with astonishing, paranormal and fatal results.

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When you buy this book make sure it is the latest revised and enlarged  2nd edition. Clearly marked on the inside page.

Enlarged, revised 2nd edition.
Over 40 rare theatrical photos.
Published 2004.
Softcover; 155 pages.

ISBN 0 9521620 3 2