The Hell of Social Phobia

The Hell of Social Phobiaspcover
One Man’s 40 Year Struggle

Revised 2nd Edition 2008


These and more are all here in detail. This will become a milestone for books on Phobias.

At last a sufferer tells us what hell it is.

Due to the success of the 1st edition we have published the 2008 2nd Edition of “The Hell of Social Phobia”

Completely Revised & Very Much Enlarged (An Extra 60 Pages).

Steve Conway (the victim of this phobia) led a great lifestyle, mixing with the super stars of the 1950s & 60s like Frank Sinatra and John Lennon. Among his personal friends were world champion boxer Freddie Mills, singer Michael Holiday, movie star Diana Dors, and many others (even the notorious Dr Stephen Ward of the ‘Profumo scandal’ fame). He shows Ward in a very different light from what the media have led us to believe, and gives us a different take on the mysterious deaths of Ward, Mills and Holiday. But as the phobia takes over his life he begins to slide down the social ladder.

After years of medical treatment and the loss by suicide of friends and fellow sufferers he met at the various clinics along the way, we find him broke and ill begging on the London streets with only his dog for company. But it is here after a lifetime living in isolation in his lonely room controlled by fear that he found a cure that worked for him.

An incredible emotional rollercoaster of a true story. Much stranger than any fiction. This moving and courageous book will result in all phobias being viewed in a totally new way and with more compassion and understanding. It will also give sufferers the world over new hope and the will to go on.

‘This strange book is truly one of a kind. I don’t have any particular interest in phobias yet I found it a spellbinding read. The guys (Hopeless because of his Social Phobia) love affair with the American girl is the most moving and romantic I’ve ever read. He found a cure in the end but to think of all those years hiding from the world in his lonely room suffering poverty and illness too scared to go out is tragic beyond words. I’ll never think about Phobia’s in the same way again, a brilliant book’.

– Lucy Wilson. “Books in Mass” Boston USA

£12.95 / US$22.00

When you buy this book make sure it is the latest revised and enlarged  2nd edition. Clearly marked on the front cover.

Published 2008

210 Pages

ISBN 0 9521620 7 5