James Dean – The Way It Was (DVD)


“The Way It Was”


dvd1Way back in 1984 we published the book “James Dean –The Way It Was” by Terry Cunningham (the book is now out of print).

In 1985 C.B.S asked Stagedoor to produce a pilot video based on that book to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Dean’s death.  They liked it but wanted to include some of Dean’s co- stars. Alas, due to their high salary demands, this would have put the project way over budget. Hence it was shelved and later lost.

However, we located the original 50 minute uncut, unedited video and have transferred it to DVD. For T.V it would have been cut to 30 minutes to allow time for commercial breaks. Shot in doco style, it covers in detail the great actor’s life from childhood to the fatal car crash. Plus a fascinating look at “Dean Day” held in his hometown in 1985. Featuring never seen before photos from the Selena McCord collection. Selena is a leading expert on Dean’s life and worked on this movie.

This unedited version was never intended for general release but how often does new material come to dvd2light on a star that died over 50 years ago? A rare collectors item from the past and a delight for all who admire the talent of James Dean.

A collectors item.

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NOTE. In 2004 the same author wrote the ultimate Dean bio “The Timeless James Dean”.  Available here.